Lowering Lake Narraticon

Dear Residents;

At the request of several property owners who live along Lake Narraticon, the Borough has received a permit to lower the lake from the NJ DEP from October 9, 2017 through October 23, 2017. This will allow for two full weekends of access to allow for residents to make any necessary repairs along the banks of the Lake.

During this time, residents who live alone the Lake will be able to make repairs, clean up debris, remove/prune trees, etc. on or around their property. Please note that it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove fallen trees from their property that have ended up in the Lake. These trees create dangerous conditions for other people using the Lake and also have caused damage to the dam structure at Franklin Street. We are asking you to use this lowering of the Lake level to remove any trees that are in the Lake.

The Borough’s Environmental and Clean Communities groups will be making an effort to organize volunteers to clean up the banks of the Lake during the period when the level is lowered. Your participation in this effort would be greatly appreciated and any other volunteers that you can rally to help out would be a tremendous help.

Please take this opportunity to not only help us keep the Lake clean, as well as the surrounding areas, but also to make any necessary improvements needed to your property.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Mayor and Council of The Borough of Swedesboro