Swedesboro Outdoor Rink – at the Auction Park

Rink Status – Closed 🙁

Swedesboro has re-installed the temporary ice rink to the park located on the old Auction Block (between Locke and Leahy Aves at Anderson).  In a throwback to the days when the Lakes and Ponds would freeze and play host to ice skaters and hockey players, the new rink will be available for use when the weather permits and the temperatures freeze the surface.

The Ice Rink is a free skate at your own risk facility.  There are bleachers and portable toilets available on site.

A red flag/green flag system will indicate to visitors whether the surface is suitable for skating any given day and the rules for the rink are listed below.

Rink Rules:

SkatingRulesHOCKEY –

Please be advised that there are specific days and times that Hockey is allowed on the rink. (Mon-Thurs 8pm-10pm). Hockey is NOT ALLOWED on the rink at any other time and people should let us know if they see hockey during disallowed times.

We want to encourage use of the rink for skaters of all ages during our open skating times and hockey games or practices being conducted on the rink during non hockey times make it extremely difficult for regular skaters to enjoy the ice. Your cooperation with this rule is appreciated and will help the rink be a welcome piece of recreation for all!

Anyone can report hockey misuse by contacting Mayor Fromm via text (301) 785-8925 or via email at twfromm@swedesboro.comcastbiz.net
People wishing to use the rink for hockey outside of the posted times may contact Mayor Fromm to discuss other arrangements.