Swedesboro Lake Park

Fishing: Stocked annually, Swedesboro Lake Park offers a great place for anglers to cast in and try their luck. With new fishing docks and an expanse of coastline along Lake Narraticon, there are many places to set up and enjoy a day of fishing.


Boating: Lake Narraticon is a popular destination for Kayaks and Canoes! Swedesboro installed a kayak launching dock in recent years to make it easier for boaters to get in and out of the water.  The lake also plays host to two annual free kayaking events!


Trails: Whether you want to work out with an interesting run through a variety of terrain or you are looking for a relaxing stroll or dog walk through the woods, the trails at Swedesboro Lake Park should certain suit your needs!


Playgrounds:  Swedesboro Lake Park features two playground sets for families to come and enjoy.  Oftentimes, the park is being enjoyed by several people around lunchtime who come to have a picnic and play on the playground in the midday.


Handicap Improvements:  In 2013, Swedesboro added Handicap parking and some paved pathways to improve everyone’s ability to enjoy the park!


Events: The lake park is a great place for events.  From our annual free kayaking events and Movie in the Park to events held by outside groups like church services, parties, weddings and more the park is truly a hidden gem in our community that offers a beautiful setting for many different events.

Swedesboro Lake Park is the venue of an annual Movie in the Park event!

Swedesboro Lake Park is the venue of an annual Movie in the Park event!

Location: Swedesboro Lake Park is located at the end of Park Avenue in Swedesboro.  From Kings Highway turn onto East Avenue.  Follow that until it terminates at Park Avenue.  Make left onto Park.  OR  From Lake Avenue, turn Left onto Park and follow it all the way to the park entrance.