Christmas Parade WHOpons!

Stop into Borough Hall and get your WHOpons, if you missed out on parade day!

For those of you new to the area our WHOpon booklets are coupons for our local business around town. They are free of charge, just stop into Borough Hall !  We love our businesses, the make Swedesboro….SWEDESBORO!

Swedesboro is a Dining Destination!

Swedesboro was recently featured at #5 on a list of New Jersey towns worth traveling to for a delicious meal. With so many tasty options, we tend to agree!  Click the link below to see the full list.

Best Little Food Towns In New Jersey You Need To Explore Before They Get Too Popular

Swedesboro’s section of the list reads — “This historic little town offers a little bit of everything. Restaurante Colosio is a marvelous Mexican eatery, Botto’s Italian Line serves up Italian cuisine and Great Wall’s got mouthwatering Chinese food. Swedesboro is also home to The Red Hen, voted best burger, short rib sandwich, steak house, bar, cocktail AND most romantic by SJ Magazine. Tavro Thirteen is another award-winning steakhouse and you’ll definitely want to stop at the Sweetsboro Pastry Shoppe.”

Colosio Mexican Restaurant

But let’s not stop there!  Swedesboro has even more great food options not mentioned on the list that are worth exploring!

Botto’s Italian Market takes the guesswork out of dinner time with a huge selection of prepared foods including their new homemade pastas. Coffee and Cream not only offers delicious coffee, but they have delectable home-made food for breakfast and lunch. Latteria is arguably the best ice cream around. Mama Francesca, Pat’s Pizza, Pizza Villa and Ray’s Pizza are all popular spots for pizzas and sandwiches. Old Town Bagel is a great spot for a real-deal bagel. Spicy Affair offers a full menu of Indian cuisine that will tickle your tastebuds. Last but not least, Swedesboro Diner has you covered 24 hours a day when you want to sit down for some comfort food.

Can Emergency Responders Find Your House?

House Numbers for Emergency Personnel

Can We Find You in an Emergency?

In an emergency, police fire and rescue workers depend on house numbers to find YOU as quickly as possible. Finding your home – especially at night- can be challenging if address numbers are unreadable, hidden, unlighted or have missing numbers and may delay emergency responders from getting to you as quickly as possible.
Are your house numbers visible from the street? Are they set on a background of contrasting color? If your house is hidden from the street, are your numbers attached to a visible fence, mailbox or gate? If you live on a corner, does your house number face the street named in your address?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, please follow the guidelines below to make sure your house number is easy to read:

  1. Numbers must be visible from the street, Residential home numbering must by at least four inches high with stroke width of one half inch. If your house number is painted on the curb, it is best to have the number displayed in tow places sot that if one is obstructed (snow, vehicles, etc.) responders can view the other.
  2. Numbers should be placed on a contrasting background, with a reflective coating on the numbers for easy visibility at night.
  3. Repair or replace aging address number placards, especially on mailboxes that are a distance from the front of the residence.
  4. Prune any bushes, tree limbs or other growth that has covered your house numbers.
  5. Numbers should be placed on or beside the front door. If your door is not easily seen from the street, put the numbers on a post, fence or tree at the driveway entrance so they can be clearly seen from the street. In addition to numbers on the front door of your house, if you have any rural-style mailbox, reflective and contrasting numbers should be placed on both sides of the box so they can be seen by an emergency vehicle approaching from either direction.