Swedesboro honors Veterans, killed in action, with banners.

Swedesboro honors their Veterans who were killed in action with banners along Kings Highway from the Civil to Vietnam War. We have been fortunate not to have lost anyone since the Vietnam War.

IMG_4957This project was supported by Swedesboro Council and  spear-headed by Council members JoAnna Gahrs and Diane Hale. Some of our Service Men/Women are not yet posted since we do not have their branch of service or their rank. If anyone has good quality pictures of the Service Men/Women that are presently hung along Kings Highway and missing photos please contact Borough Hall. A list will be posted of those we are still searching for information.

Please join us on Monday for the Annual Memorial Day Service to be held at the Swedesboro/Woolwich Fire Station on Kings Highway.

Local Historian, Edith Rohrman, honored

Local historian and incredible asset to our community, Edith Rohrman, was recently recognized as a 2014 New Jersey Historical Commission Award Winner for her tireless efforts in history preservation in the Garden State.


“Edith Auten Rohrman was destined to be a historian from birth.  Her father, the reverend Parker F. Auten, was the rector of the Trinity Old Swedes Church in Swedesboro.  Trinity is the center of the local Swedish history in the area and as a child Rohrman witnessed many facets of New Jersey history.  Her early entree into history laid the foundation for a lifetime of contributions to state and local history.  She founded the Trinity Foundation and has been a member of 22 years.  Since 1995 she has worked to restore the Trinity Church and her efforts have been acknowledged by receiving competitive grants from the New Jersey Historic just.  Her passion for history and preservation is evidenced by the renovation of the Rulon House.  Rohrman helped found and is co-chairperson of the Swedesboro Woolwich Historical Society and she currently serves on the historical committee of the Swedesboro Advisory Commission.  Rohrman has consistently promoted historical awareness by conducting adult school and service group tours of the church, historical museum and Rulon House property.  Of special note is the presentation she originated and still conducts for local fourth graders to raise their awareness of local history.  Recognized as a local historian, she has researched material for the Boro walking and cemetery tour booklets and worked for the New Jersey State Preservation Office for 7 years.  Rohrman’s love of history, desire to preserve the past, and her never-ending quest for public awareness are assets to the Garden State’s heritage.” – Excerpt from NJ Forum 2014 program



Historic Markers added to Downtown Swedesboro

Three historic markers have been installed along Kings Highway in Downtown Swedesboro outlining different aspects of the town’s rich history.


A marker located at Trinity Square (Corner of Kings Highway and Church Street) outlines the history of the Trinity Parish in the town.  The text reads:

As early as 1638, Swedes settled, farmed, hunted, and fished along the Raccoon Creek. In 1703, Trinity Church was founded along Kings Highway as the first Swedish Church in New Jersey and the third Swedish Church in America. The original Swedish log cabin church was replaced by the present building in 1784.



At the St. Joe School House another one is located that tells the story of arevolutionary war skirmish that took place in Swedesboro on April 4, 1778.

The text reads:


Skirmish at Swedesboro

A Revolutionary War skirmish occurred near this site on April 4, 1778. About 300 Loyalist and British troops marched from Fort Billings (near present-day Paulsboro) to Swedesboro, hoping to capture local militiamen. Finding the patriots gone, the English pillaged homes and burned the log schoolhouse that had recently been used as a jail for Tories. Patriot Militia soon returned taking a position on a wooded hill overlooking the town and began shooting. The British returned fire and bullets flew in all directions, endangering soldiers and citizens alike before the sides retired.


At Swedesboro Borough Hall (at the corner of Lake and Kings Highway), a third marker stands that outlines when the history of Swedesboro’s establishment and incorporation as well as other names the town went by.

The sign reads:


Swedesboro was established in 1638 by the early Swedish and Finnish settlers.  Over the years Swedesboro was known as Raccoon, Wrangletown, Swedesborough and finally Swedesboro when it became incorporated in 1902.