Borough Council

Swedesboro’s Borough Council is made up of seven elected members: one mayor serving a four year term, and six council members serving staggered three year terms. Only two Council seats are elected each year. Swedesboro follows the weak mayor model, where the mayor only votes in the event of a tie council vote. End of term is December 31 and is noted in ( ).

Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at Borough Hall.

To view council minutes and next meetings agenda click here.

For more information on the Borough Council, please call (856) 467-0202 or click here to contact Tanya Goodwin, Borough Clerk.

Current Borough Council Members
Thomas W. Fromm, Mayor (D) (2019) – Email
Diane Hale, Council Member (D) (2019) – Email
George J. Weeks, Council Member, Council President  (D) (2019) – Email
David Flaherty, Council Member (D) (2020) – Email
Joanna Gahrs, Council Memeber (R) (2020) – Email
Salvatore “Sam” Casella (R) (2018) – Email
Alice O’Blennis, Council Member (D) (2018) – Email