Grand Opening – Spicy Affair Indian Kitchen

Please join us in welcoming Spicy Affair Indian Kitchen to Swedesboro at their Grand Opening on Saturday April 29th at 1pm.

Swedesboro is Thrilled to Welcome It’s Newest Restaurant – Spicy Affair

Spicy Affair is a brand new restaurant that just opened in the Swedesboro/Woolwich area. Spicy Affair serves authentic Indian food and was launched by the husband and wife team of Nik and Cindy Minhas. Cindy is a home maker with a background in the retail industry having managed a number of name brand retail stores in the past. Nik has a diverse background in business, most recently as a banker with Capital One Bank and currently owns a couple of other small businesses. Cindy and Nik are long time area resident and have resided in Swedesboro-Woolwich since 2005.

Describing the vision behind Spicy Affair Cindy said, “We have lived through the explosive growth in new homes and residents in the area. But this growth has not resulted in interesting and new dining options in the area. Nik and I are hoping to change this by launching Spicy Affair. It is our vision to introduce our community to the authentic flavors of Indian food. We think that Spicy Affair will be a great addition to dining options in the area and bring much needed diversity in food options to area residents.”

The menu includes a large selection of vegetarian dishes, meat and seafood entrees as well as specialty drinks and desserts. For those with picky eaters, a children’s menu is available.

The feedback online is overwhelmingly positive and each post recommends a different dish. Luckily for the customer, Spicy Affair offers a lunch time brunch so that you can sample many different dishes. During the week, you can sample the daily lunch buffet Mon – Fri. A ‘Sunday Brunch’ buffet from is offered from 12PM to 3PM. The dishes on the Sunday brunch will be rotating with emphasis on fresh and light fare.

So far, every review has been rated at a 5 Star.

Tiffany M. said “ I’ve eaten at Spicy Affair twice and all I think about is how I cannot wait to go back. I am really going to look forward to the lunch buffet so that I can try some different things that I may be hesitant to order off the menu. We also loved the chai tea and the mango smoothie drink and the rice pudding is out of this world. The owners are wonderful. Cindy makes her way to every table to greet her customers so that we can provide feedback and make this wonderful restaurant a huge success!”

Joe V. said “ Superb! Just what we needed in the area. I meet up with friends about once a month for Indian and have to drive an hour to find a good spot. Not anymore! Just picked up my first meal and we are impressed! Will be a regular!”

Casey K. stated “Fantastic food!!!! Outstanding service and a great atmosphere! We will definitely be regulars at Spicy Affair!! So nice to have a new option in our little town!! Loved it!!! “

Local Restaurant Spotlight: Pat’s Pizza

The inspiring story of the Pat’s Pizza restaurant family begins not here in Swedesboro, but instead across the cerulean seas, in Greece.  It was there that Tony Kotanidis made his decision to head to America, hoping to make a living and support his family.  While here in the US, a family member living in Pennsville told Mr. Kotanidis about a small pizza shop that was listed for sale there.  In 1974, Kotanidis had to make a choice: stay in America and purchase the pizza shop, or return to Greece with the money he’d made and raise his family there.  He made the decision to stay, and purchased the shop with family members Joe Demourtzidis and John Karakasidis.  They revamped the brand and created a new menu, and with that, Pat’s Pizza as we know it today was born.

Pat's Pizza Swedesboro

Image courtesy Pat’s Pizza

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Local Restaurant Spotlight: Ray’s Pizza & Sub Shop!

Owner Ray Anzola spins fresh dough while making a pizza.Shop owner Ray Anzola spins fresh dough while making a pizza.

Ray Anzola first opened Ray’s Pizza & Sub Shop in December 2009, in Swedesboro, but he’s definitely no stranger to the restaurant world.  Co-owner of a multitude of Joe’s Pizza locations, including one in nearby Mullica Hill, Ray is well versed in the art of delicious food.  His love of cooking led him to begin his longtime career in the restaurant industry, and when the time came to open a new shop, he knew the Borough of Swedesboro would be a perfect fit. Continue reading